Dress Code


  • No plain white t-shirts (logo must be larger than 3”)
  • No sleeveless or tank tops for men
  • No extra long shirts
  • No homemade logo on shirts the staff determines to be inappropriate, vulgar or offensive
  • No cut off anything
  • No excessively low or baggy pants such that a person’s undergarments or buttocks are exposed. (This is your only warning! You will be removed)
  • No bandannas, rags, colors or any other type of affiliation
  • No sunglasses
  • No helmets
  • No bags after 9pm (except small purses)
  • No outside food or beverages


  • If you leave the building 3 times you are not permitted to re-enter.
  • Any arguing with any staff will be cause for your removal
  • You are under constant surveillance on the premises. The management has the right to deny admission to anyone suspected to be intoxicated or deemed likely to cause a disturbance
  • You must have your Valid ID ready to be scanned